May 4-6

Cinco De Mayo Weekend

It’s time for a fiesta!  Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Yogi Bear™! Make maracas, hit the

piñata, go on a scavenger hunt, and help the bears learn the Mexican Hat Dance and

the Macarena.

May 11-13

Mother's Day Weekend

It’s a weekend to celebrate Mom!  Make a candle craft for your mom, decorate cupcakes,

and play in the parents vs. kids kickball game. Moms, we have activities just for you,

too! Make your own lemon scented bath balm, decorate a wine glass, and don’t forget your

free gift just for camping with us. Enjoy free doughnuts and coffee on Sunday morning.

May 18-20

Junior Ranger Weekend

Earn your Junior Ranger Badge this weekend by helping us in our annual Trash Bash and

Flower Planting. Go on a hunt for arrowheads and join in the fun of our outdoor compass

treasure hunt.  Test your archery skill, make a bird feeder, and a mini campfire nightlight.

May 25-27

Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is finally here, and we are ready to celebrate! Join in the fun with karaoke, a

hamburger relay race, tie-dye, crafts and activities galore! The swimming pools and

water slides are open and ready for you to jump in and make a splash.

September 7-9

Hometown Hero / Pig Roast Weekend

Come and help us support all of the heroes that work hard for us everyday. All EMS,

police, firefighters, first responders, military, doctors, and nurses receive 25% off

of their stay and eat for free. Festivities include a pig roast, s’mores with

Yogi Bear™, and much more.  

September 14-16

Chili Cook-off / Olympics Weekend

Fall is about to arrive and the weather is turning, so let us enjoy some hot chili. Bring

your best chili ingredients to make a batch as you go for the gold. We will also have a

javelin throw, discus, torch relay, and potato sack race.

September 21-23

Great Pumpkin Weekend

Let’s kick off our Halloween festivities celebrating the great pumpkin. We will be doing

a pumpkin run, mummy wrapping race, stay-dry apple bobbing, and pumpkin patch

stomp. Don’t forget about the costume and site decorating contests along with


September 28-30

Oktoberfest Weekend

Germany has arrived at Jellystone Park™. We will be celebrating Oktoberfest

Jellystone Park™ style. Enjoy a yodelling contest, polka and chicken dancing, and an

apple cider relay race. Don’t forget about the costume and site decorating contests

along with trick-or-treat.

April 27-29

Wake up Yogi Bear™ / Camper Appreciation Weekend

It’s time to Wake up Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo™ from their hibernation, and we know

they will be hungry! Help us kick off the 2018 camping season with 50% off all sites

and cabins, and enjoy free doughnuts and coffee with the bears, and a free pizza dinner.

*Listed on this page is only a synopsis of activities. Actual activities may change due to weather, lack of participation, or from circumstances beyond our control.

*Complete activity schedules are emailed to you the week of your arrival.

August 6-12

Tribal Survival Week

Can you outplay our other campers? Try your luck in a water bucket relay

race, puzzles, scavenger hunt, and all of the other challenges and activities!

August 13-19

Back to School Week

Oh no! The school bell will be ringing soon! Get yourself ready with fun science

activities, slimy spelling, and of course, a food fight!

August 20-26

Yogi Bear's Birthday Bash Week

It’s our favorite bear’s birthday celebration and everyone is invited! Come hang

out with Yogi™ and have some cake, participate in the giant Yogi Bear™ plush

raffle, and watch Yogi Bear’s favorite movie.

August 31-

September 3

Labor Day Weekend

Summer may be coming to an end, but the activities and fun are still going

strong! The pools and water slides are still open so you can enjoy all of the

water for this big weekend. We will be doing karaoke, ice cream social,

tie-dye, and so much more!

October 5-7

Potter's Wizards, Witches, and Warlocks

Harry and his gang have arrived at Jellystone Park™ to celebrate Halloween.

Make a wand, join the scavenger hunt, trivia, and decorate a pumpkin. Don’t

forget about the costume and site decorating contests along with trick-or-treat.

October 12-14

The Zombie Apocalypse

The zombies are coming to eat your brains. Help Yogi™ and his friends ward off the

zombies that have infested Jellystone Park™. Help us with a body part scavenger

hunt, smash the zombies, brain eating contest, and haunted zombie trail. Don’t forget

about the costume and site decorating contests along with trick-or-treat.

July 9-15

Tropical Breeze Week

Feel like you are in the tropics! Join in the watermelon eating contest, hula with the

bears, tacky tourist relay race, limbo, and crafts.

July 16-22

Christmas in July Week

Santa is coming to town, and he can’t wait to celebrate Christmas in July. Have fun

bobbing for candy canes, show off your ugliest Christmas sweater, holiday crafts

and more.

July 23-29

Get Your Splash On

Bring your squirt guns and be prepared to get wet! Slip and slide bowling, sponge

water bomb fight, water balloon baseball and a whole lot of soaking wet fun!

July 30-

August 5

Medieval Week

It’s time to rewind, and go back to the medieval times. Go on a hunt for dragon eggs,

build a mini catapult, slay the dragon, archery, potions, and more.

2018 Activity SChedule

June 1-3

Down on the Farm Weekend

It’s time for some good farm-fashioned fun! Hop along in the potato sack race, help

corral some “pigs”, hunt for chicken eggs, make some butter, and play some corn hole.

June 4-10

School's Out, Let's Shout Week

School is out for the summer and it’s time to celebrate!  Enjoy  s’mores with the bears,

make some slime, have a food fight, and so much more!

June 11-17

Father's Day Week

One of dad’s favorite things to do is camp and enjoy the great outdoors. Treat him to his

favorite things on his day of the year. Enjoy a father/child look-a-like contest, fishing

contest, dizzy dad’s football punt, and more.

June 18-24

Supersize Fun and Games Week

All of the games you love to play, just super sized for more fun! Let’s play giant bowling,

kerplunk, yardzee, bear pong, and giant tic-tac-toe.

June 30-

​July 8

4th of July Celebration

​Two full weeks of 4th of July celebrations! Join in the marching band parade, tie-dye,

karaoke, corn hole and so much more! Please bring your musical instrument if you

would like to participate in the parade. All skill levels welcome.

​​​​​Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park​TM Camp-Resort

Mount Gilead, Ohio - Columbus North